The Crop Circle of Life

by Itom Lab

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released July 4, 2013


all rights reserved



Itom Lab Los Angeles, California

GalacTemple - Lotustep - SpiritWhomp

A galactic journey into the stars with sonic vibrational compositions of electronic music hybrid with organic sounds.

I want to engage a sacredness of all. Shapes, color, emotion, mind travel to infinity and beyond. I am imagining my dreams consciously and developing these worlds of sounds into cosmic compositions.
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Track Name: Youniversoul
alex grey:
what a perfect circumstance to get in touch with your already enlightened state.

i was feeling like my mind just expand and extent out through the whole web of life.

whoooaaaaaaaaaoooaaaaa, like OH MY GOD!!!!!

you know the mind is able to extend and expand out through all these beings, so there is this tremendous wonderful expansion of inner connectedness with everything.

josh wenner:
i was one, i was one with this youniversoul consciousness that we all are.
Track Name: OM iGod
tim leary:
to move into new space is the only way new realities can be created.

tuaca kelly:
atomic consciousness
it's just a matter of time, a matter of choice
your choice to be conscious
waiting for you, welcoming you home
we've been waiting for you, the time is now
you're infinite intelligence,
you already know what i'm going to tell you
you cannot shine too brightly

well space is a very tenuous word
does it mean outer space or inner space ?

tuaca kelly:
you're absolutely on purpose
welcome home.
Track Name: Lexicon
elizabeth egan:
vibrate with me, here.
vibrate with me, here.
who is dreaming this dream? the universe.

jakub bair:
time is not important, only the quality of life
evoking the higher self, your high priest in you
the early eve of a mirrored pyramid, open the 9 9 9
if you can stand still you can reach deeper
deeper into sound, to someone you have never met
but is always there, this in you

Track Name: Dream 13
i see them alien greys, now it's a new phase
we feed them recies-pieces for enlightened E.T. ways
keep an eye to the sky 'cuz i'm curious,
we see a bright light watch it shine, now it's Sirius
motherships, stargates and third eye pyramids
indigo and crystal children are hearing this
dark side of the moon, never in full rotation
"that's no moon, that's a space station"

i is me like synonyms, like similies
life similies, infinity, pure energy in entity
the inner me, my enemy
in complex that's beyond presence
it's complex in simplicity,
i'm complex here's the sense of me
essentially, alpha and omega
the optimum of epitome of what's now and what's later
my knowledge transforms like optimus primes major
heaven leaves it mark on Earth like astroid crater
i'm outta this world like galaxies
and matrix realities and ancient fallacies
and basic alchemy
empower me, power is proof of my existence
poof and in this instance, truth and yes it's intense
understand the avatar and know no limits
i'm so no limits, all start no finish

mind, body and soul, lets roll
piece together the connection
with the alien crystal skull
travel realities, weaving physicality
Mayan, Atlantean, Egyptian
we're one construct in the overall system
planetary transformation and compounding information
the translations is galactic equasions
the perspective that hasn't happened yet
when you meet the you you haven't met
riding through time in a life with no regret
the universal rhythm that taps
singing the galactic song of realities that overlap
in your oversoul, your dmt code
awake can begin to let the eternal mystery
being to unfold

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